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AQUA PUZZLE PENTIC with new fun pictures!

A fun puzzle game with multilayer color pictures!
Download AquaPuzzle Pentic 5.0 with 3 new picture sets (2.5 Mb)

Animals Picture

Cute Animals Picture

Assemble all the levels and find out who there lives.

Download Animals Picture Set (2.0) Mb

Space Picture

Space Pictures

You dream to visit space? Already not… But you feel this romantic drive yet?

Download Space Picture Set
(2.0 Mb)

Horse Picture

Horse Picture

Blue horse, red horse, green horse… Gather together all the herd and get incredible high score!

Download Horse Picture Set
(2,0 Mb)

Aquagame Zodiac


Enthralling puzzle game with kaleidoscope of zodiacal signs and dazzling colors.
Download Aquagame Zodiac 2.0 (1.8 Mb)

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